Mamaw's Tenets For Life

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Heroes are few and far between these days. Everyone wants a hero in their life or maybe they want to be a hero for someone else. Through the leadership fable in Mamaw’s Tenets for Life, Allen’s hero Mamaw, just might be the hero you’ve been looking for. Mamaw sees life through the lens of faith and she is an inspiration to everyone she meets, especially to her 3 grandkids who she lives with. She daily pours into them the valuable life lessons she has learned. With hope, courage and the Spirit of God, she is able to overcome some of life’s toughest obstacles. When it looks like life has dealt it’s final blow, Mamaw’s faith and courage cry out to God and the greatest miracle happens. Mamaw’s faith in God becomes the bedrock this family is founded on and the result is a growing legacy of God’s love and mercy, His amazing grace, and an attitude of honor that has not only impacted her family, but continues to impact the world.