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A Note from Keith A. Craft

Some people leave behind money and possessions, but very few people ever think to leave a legacy through their life lessons. No matter where you come from or how you were raised, you have life lessons to pass down to others. Your legacy and your life matters. God is doing something unique and amazing through your life. This Legacy Journal was created so that you can share the greatness God placed inside of you with others!

I created a personalized journal with questions for my Mamaw, who I consider my hero, life coach, and mentor. I wanted her to share her life lessons and stories with me and the generations to come. There was no way that I could have imagined what God would do through the answers in that journal. My Mamaw’s life and stories have and will continue to reach thousands of people through the book, Mamaw’s Tenets For Life. Because of the journal I made, I was able to compile personal stories and learn from her life lessons in such a way that I decided to share it with the world.

My desire was to create this Legacy Journal, much like the one I did for my Mamaw, in hopes that it would give you the ability to share your life lessons and stories with others. You can fill the questions out personally, or you may want to do what I did and ask a loved one to fill it out so that you can share their legacy with your world. I hope that this journal becomes something you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. I love the quote by Issac Newton, “We are like dwarves sitting on the shoulders of giants.” Someone went before each one of us, and they helped us become who we are today! No one is self-made, and I believe that you have a part to play in helping others through your life lessons.

I hope you enjoy this journal.